Hops & Branding | ABOUT US
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And what we do


Hops & Branding is a small design studio run by Nick Gamma. Over his career Nick has gained over 20 years of design and branding experience working in the entertainment business, branding world class properties and in the music business, helping artists sell millions of albums. At Hops & Branding we’re applying that experience, combined with our love for craft beer, to specialize in branding breweries, home brewers, festivals, bars and restaurants in the craft beer industry. We would love to partner with you to help craft your story and bring your brand to life. Drop us a line and let’s grab a beer!


Who You Are

Branding consists of several facets. Those include, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy and Brand Management. We can work together with you on some or all of these parts of the process to help craft your story.

What You Look Like

The design portion of the process helps establish the visual identity of your brand. What your brand looks like conveys who you are directly to the consumer. This is where your story begins to get told and where differentiation plays a big role.

What People See

After directing photoshoots for over 20 years, we started to offer photography ourselves. For the past 7 years we have been shooting different types of projects for various clients. We use professional cameras and lighting to capture you in the best light.

What The World Sees

We offer web design services to meet any budget. From custom crafted sites to customized WordPress solutions we can help you get your business up and running on the web.

Where You’re Seen

Advertising is an important part of getting the word out about your business. From traditional print advertising to web banners and email blasts we can craft a solution to meet your needs.

How You Spread The Word

In today’s craft business there’s nothing more important than telling your story. The most cost effective way of doing that is through social media. We offer solutions to help consistently brand all of your social media outlets. We can even help you tailor your message so that it’s in line with your brand’s voice.